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Being featured in Apple's Shot on iPhone campaign

For almost a decade I have been posting photos on Instagram, most of them captured straight from my iPhone. The iPhone has always made capturing photos easy which is why when I look at my photos app today, I have 71,436 photos and videos - which thanks to iCloud's automatic storage, take up hardly any space on my phone.

When Apple Started their Shot on iPhone campaign to showcase photography from everyday people across the globe, I was keen to get involved. Every few weeks Apple shared a creative photography brief via their @apple Instagram account and asked anyone to submit photos by using the #shotoniphone hashtag. I submitted several images and also added the hashtag to some of my older iPhone photography that matched the brief. Apple reached out via a verified instagram comment and a unique link that only my logged-in Instagram account would be able to access.

One logged into Apple's Shot on iPhone submission site, which was being run by their dedicated advertising agency TBWA Media Arts Lab, I was able to submit my photography and add information about the shot. Apple also asked me to upload the original photo without any editing, so they had a full resolution version and could analyse the meta data to verify that the image really was shot on an iPhone. I ended up receiving several comments from Apple and submitted multiple photos to use in their campaign.

Apple shared an image I shot in front of Buckingham Palace of 9 military aircraft flying in a diamond formation for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. They even animated the shot and used it as a cover post to showcase a whole collection of images. The image, which I was tagged in and credited as 'Adam M.' received over 100,000 likes and my account was flooded with new followers, likes and comments. It was pretty awesome to see Apple, a brand I genuinely love, sharing my work to their global network of followers and then requesting further shots from me.


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