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The beautiful simplicity of Lufthansa's welcome panel

In 2019, Lufthansa revealed a refreshed visual identity which included a new, refined aircraft livery. Lufthansa is an iconic airline, and its Swiss and German-style design language has been around since the airline's inception. Lufthansa has become known for its iconic Crane emblem, sophisticated use of Helvetica and brand colours, dark blue and yellow. These two colours are synonymous with the airline and have made their aircraft some of the most recognisable in the industry.

The refreshed visual system is intended to create a more premium look and feel for the airline. One of the ways the team achieved this was by dramatically changing the use of colour across the brand elements. Yellow plays a much smaller, but now more significant role in the colour palette. Yellow is used to highlight important information or draw attention to something of interest, giving it a real purpose to exist.

From a distance, The new livery appears to remove yellow altogether. Where the iconic yellow crane emblem once lay, is now a bold blue and white tail graphic. While this new look may appear colder on the surface, yellow brings in a human touch - and it's done in a beautifully simple way.

A yellow welcome panel painted beside each of the passenger boarding doors is now visible on each aircraft. The mark is a flat yellow rectangle, with the word 'welcome' in both German and English, accompanied by the iconic logo in the corner. What I love so much about this - is that that bright yellow warmth is presented to every passenger, right as they board every aircraft. Upon boarding, each passenger is welcomed, setting the stage for the onboard experience and hospitality that will follow. The crew can write personalised messages to give a more human welcome to this otherwise mechanical setting.

Very few airlines take advantage of the small portion of aircraft that is visible when boarding, yet Lufthansa's intelligent approach creates a personal, on-brand experience. They have enhanced the experience of walking through an aircraft door, and this yellow mark becomes a signifier that you are about to experience something marvellous. This smart yet playful piece of design is quite simply brilliant.


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