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A classic livery for a modern bus

Recently when walking through London’s Sloane Square on a warm Sunday afternoon, I spotted one of London’s iconic routemaster busses, dressed in a classic themed livery. This specific livery, on one of London’s latest busses, was inspired by the colours of the London General Omnibus Company. The company, established in 1855 used this cream and red striped designs, with the gold ‘London General’ lettering on the side.

I love the homage Transport for London has played to some of London’s early busses from 100 years ago. I wonder what the designers who painted the original designs would think if they were able to see the sleek, electric, ultra modern routemaster supporting their design. The juxtaposition of old and new draws on the heritage of the city. It’s reminds us of technological growth, momentum and a respect for the past. Painting a 100 year old livery design on a symbol of the future is such a simple idea but it’s beautifully executed; and it makes me proud to be a Londoner.


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