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The Brief (in brief)
Design a highly engaging sustainability report for Gucci that boldly goes against the norm of luxury fashion reporting.
My role on the project
Lead Designer 
This project was part of a pitch process and led to a new client partnership with Gucci. 
The Brief (in brief)
Design a new visual 
identity system for
Flight Centre's FCM,
a corporate travel
agency with a refreshigway of doing things.
My role on the project
Lead Designer 
FCM has over 6,500 employees in 100 countries with a global turnover of more than US$5 billion
Corporate reports 

all follow the same
expected formula.

“I want differentiation,

otherwise it will be one of the

100 corporate social reports

that already exists and every

company has.” - Gucci.


I designed custom icons, inspired by Susan Kare's original 1984 Macintosh icons, but with an added Gucci touch.

The future starts here

As Gucci embarks on a new chapter of environmental progress, we begin with those 2 famous words that have signalled the first steps of many great ventures: Hello, World. We're saying hello to a new focus on our world, it's people and environment 

Low impact,
high engagement 

The experience is designed to put the planet first. Simple changes such as dark backgrounds reduce the energy needed to display content on OLED displays. 

an unexpected


The interface, which mimics a 1984 Macintosh is full of interactive hidden treasures. Users are encouraged to click around and get lost in the experience.

brand assets

Interactive versions of brand assets such as Gucci’s new sustainability packaging feature throughout the experience.

Evolving Interface

The flexible design means the experience will evolve and grow as new content is created.

Fantastically different from everyone else 

Hello, World is truly a world apart from the way the luxury fashion industry reports on its environmental progress. Users become part of an evolving experience that creates conversation and community. A transparent and accessible platform with an added flair that is synonymous with the Gucci brand worldwide.

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