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I was a UI designer on the product design team for the ATP Tour app.
The ATP Tour app is available worldwide and has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play.
I worked with a UX designer to pitch a concept VIP call centre interface for Daimler AG.
The concept was awarded the pitch and led to a new studio partnership with Daimler AG. 
I worked as a product designer on multiple internal and external projects for bp.  
Projects are live across the world and used daily by thousands of bp employees and customers.
I worked as a UI designer on an interface to connect Microsoft OneDrive with leading education software from Firefly Learning.
Firefly is used by thousands of students and teachers every day.
I worked as a UI designer on a complete redesign of a leading data analytics tool for groceries, operated by Sainsbury's supermarkets. 
Sainsbury's Insights Platform is live, used by the worlds biggest FMCG brands and generates a significant portion of Sainsbury's annual revenue.
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