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Drawing Berlin with beautiful tools from 53

Berlin is an incredible city with a unique marriage of history and culture, but also modernity, especially within the city's architecture. Whilst walking around Berlin and when visiting galleries such as The Bauhaus Archive, I used my iPad to draw quick observational sketches or sculptures, buildings and scenes.

I used an app from 53 called Paper to document my visit. Paper brings traditional artistic tools like pens, paintbrushes and a mixing palette into the 21st century. The app lets you create artwork in a virtual Japanese folding book that's fun and elegant to use. The whole app is beautifully designed and simple to use which makes it even more pleasurable to work with. I really appreciated the 3D designs of the virtual books and brushes. It gives the app a real sense of charm and personality which is often missing in UI.

53 partnered with print company MILK and quality notebook producer Moleskine; so after I got back from Berlin, with a few taps, my artwork transformed from the digital world into a physical book. The actual book is handmade and exactly the same as the one I crafted on my iPad, It still folds like a concertina book, and has the vibrancy and detail of my iPad's retina display.


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