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This one-off artefact was created to celebrate the pioneering work of graphic designer Susan Kare and her work as Apple's first designer.
My role
Design and Curation
This publication is a collection of articles, interviews, archival photography and icons; all thoughtfully curated to tell the story of Kare’s work and the impact she has had on the world.
Photography by ©Doug Menuez, used with permission
Attention to the smallest details means the whole publication is packed full of hidden design treasures.
Headings are typeset in Chicago, a typeface Kare designed
for the original Macintosh and body text is set in San Francisco, Apple’s latest typeface - pairing the past and present together.
Photography by ©Doug Menuez, used with permission
I was invited to showcase this work and speak at Magcultures annual Modern Magazine conference alongside the creative directors from Elle UK, National Geographic and AIGA Eye on Design.
I received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the audience of print enthusiasts, international designers and creatives. "A treasure trove of clever visual references" - Magculture
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